No black

I am capable of wearing color. It's not a common occurrence but it can happen... The day I wore this to work my co-worker says, and I quote, "Everything okay? What's wrong? You're not wearing black." With this face of concern I never thought was capable.
The day before I wore this look I read an interview with Anna Wintour. She was asked one thing she would never be caught wearing. Her answer, head-to-toe black. I would be lying if my fashionista snobby heart didn't sink a little bit. Then next day, this happened.... So take that Anna Wintour, NO BLACK!
And from then on I have been making an effort not to wear all black. Shout out to Laura Marengo. How proud are you!? I have to say, this #30daychallenge has helped with these efforts. Let's how long I can keep it up!

 vans slip ons
forever 21 denims with DYI ripped knee detail
nasty gal jacket
forever 21 turtle neck
zara blouse
combination of forever 21, tiffany & co and cournoye jewelry

lovers only xx


Birthday Diaries

Dinner dates, dinner parties and up all night dancing. My 23rd birthday was one for the books. So many amazing people, including four other September babies I am so very lucky to share my birthday celebrations with. To my family and friends, you are what keep me wild and free.


lovers only xx