Overpriced staples and cheap clothing. That's my motto.

Overpriced staples and cheap clothing. 
That's my motto.

Sweater and bottoms from Forever 21
Jacket from PRIMARK (aka UK's Forever 21)
All Saints boots
Alexander McQueen Scarf
DIM tight 

People are always surprised when I tell them my skirt is from Forever21 or my sweater is actually a Target pyjama top. Dressing well doesn't have to be costly. Learn where to spend your money. Shopping for every occasion is not okay when you're in your 20s. 200$ jeans that make you feel like JLO? Fine, but just a few pairs. 75$ on a Zara top you know you'll wear once? NO. 25$ on a Forever 21 sweater you can layer over and over again? HELL YES. (FYI. Forever 21 and Zara have the same manufactures...) I've seen plenty of horrible outfits made from a collection of expensive pieces. Don't get me wrong, if you've got the money to blow I HATE YOU. But if you live in the real world and working for your dolla bills, why would you waist it? Shop smart and shop well. Take care of your accessories and never put your tops in the dryer. You'll be richer and your life will be happier.


Back at it //

It's been a while since I've blogged a post like this. Feels good.


bod & christensen leather
TBA shoes
urban outfitters hat
DYI ripped jeans
OBEY backpack with my own pins n studs
DYI phone case


Curious to know how I made these goodies? Ask me on my Facebook page!

lovers only xx



October is here and I thought I'd have a little fun. 
Over the years, I've collected quiet the impressive shoe collection. K I lied. My mom, my sister and I combined have collected quiet the impressive show collection. (One of the many perks to living at home.) Before winter comes and covers our streets with salt and powdered snow, I thought I'd do something special. 
#30DayShoeChallenge WADDUP
Each day I'll wear a different pair of shoes. But that won't be the hard part. I always plan my outfits then decide on my shoes but this month with have to be just the opposite. I love a challenge. Probably a little too much.
How will you know in not cheating? I'll post my #shoeoftheday on my Instagram everyday. Follow me @loveyourselfxx and see how I do! Leave comments, likes and good vibes. Lovers only please. 
Ready, set, POST!
Day one shoes now my Instagram!.
lovers only XX